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From Throwbacks to Soul Jams: Must Attend Events in July

Did you know that the weekends are not meant for staying indoors to do your laundry? Think about it. It is time to get out and have fun. This month, prepare to experience the second half of the year in style with the hottest events lined up for you on Ticketsasa this July.   

1. Rewind to the 2000s! 

Kick off July with a trip down memory lane at the Noughty By Nature - 2000s Party on Friday, July 5th. Hosted by Capital FM at the Carnivore Simba Saloon, this party promises an unforgettable night filled with all your favourite hits from the decade that brought us amazing music, iconic fashion, and electrifying pop, rock, R&B, and hip-hop vibesDo not miss out – it is going to be a night you will not forget! 

2. Gear Up for Motor Sport Action!

Calling on all motorsport's enthusiasts! The Head To Head: Motokhana Circuit Racing(KNTC Round 3) takes place on Sunday, July 14th at the WRC Service Park hosted by delta motorsport. Come and witness the thrill of high-speed competition as skilled drivers push their limits on the trackThe Tarmac Championship is heating up! Join the action and pick your favourite driver behind the wheel of your favourite vehicle. 

3. Get Grooving with Soul Jam! 

To all Soul music lovers, the Soul Jam - 1st Edition is here, going down at the Carnivore Simba Saloon on Saturday, July 20th. Get ready for an evening filled with classic soul tunes run by the hottest DJs. The electric atmosphere and irresistible beats will have you dancing all night long.  

4. Ballpoint Accoustic & Beats- Ayrosh

Get ready for a double dose of musical delight! This unique event features Ballpoint Acoustic, known for intimate and soulful performances. Plus, the energetic beats of Ayrosh will keep you shaking all night long. Experience the perfect blend of acoustic vibes and pulsating rhythms at the Village Market Ball Point on the 26th of July.

5. Embrace the Challenge at The Maze Out of Town! 

Ready for a weekend adventure? The Maze Out of Town-Nakuru Edition will be happening on Saturday, July 27th. Participate in fun games, follow clues, and compete for amazing prizes at the Beam Grill and Lounge. Remember, out of town experiences create the best memories. 

This is just a taste of what we have in store for July. Get your tickets early and secure your spot for these and many more exciting events at 

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