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First time flying?

Numerous first-time flyers worry or are quite nervous about arriving at the airport without the necessary paperwork to go through the check-in process at the airport.  We breakdown the necessary travel documents that you need to make your experience smoother.

 The key documents that you need are: 

  1. Passport/ID: Ensure that it’s up to date (at least 6 months to expiry, especially if you’re travelling international). 
  2. Travel insurance: This provides medical assistance, personal accident cover, reimbursement for travel delay and loss of property or any other travel-related hiccups arising during the trip. Read through, print out the insurance policy documents and bring them with you to the airport. 
  3. E-Ticket: You can either print your e-ticket or present it on your smartphone screen at the check-in desk once at the airport. We advocate that you save the trees as the airline already has this information and will confirm once you hand your passport/ID at check- in. 
  4. Visa: This document shows you have permission to enter a country for a certain length of time as it usually has the dates and duration you are allowed to stay and if you have the right to work. 
  5. COVID vaccination certificate. Health travel documents are not new to international travel. This could range from the yellow fever certificate to God forbid the next pandemic that will promulgate.  

A life without journeys is one not lived at all let’s spread smiles across the globe. 

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