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Why Pesapal Mobile Is The App You Need In Your Life

I just came to the baffling realisation that I have 96 apps installed on my phone. Clearly, i'm failing terribly at this minimalist life. As I tried to declutter my device, I realised that there are those apps that I just could not do away with, Pesapal Mobile being one of them. Earlier this year, Ticketsasa partnered with Pesapal to create Pesapal Mobile; one app that does it all.
With the app, you can buy event tickets, book flights and holiday packages to different destinations. In addition to that, you can purchase airtime, pay your bills, buy electricity tokens and do a lot more. A convenient resource within your fingertips. 
Here's why I call it the 'app with the mostest'

Do it all: While adulting dictates that you have to take care of your bills, you also need to live a little. Not only are you able to find all the biggest events on the app, but you can also book your holiday to any part of the world, and get flight tickets as well, all on the app.

ZERO transaction cost: It costs you nothing to transact on Pesapal Mobile whether you are paying via mobile money or card. It is absolutely FREE. 

Superfast checkout: Buying tickets on the app has never been easier! Pick multiple ticket types and proceed to pay fast and easy. If you are paying for your utilities (again, adulting), you have the ability to pay multiple bills and check out once. 

Multiple payment options: Variety is the spice of life. You can pay via Visa, Mastercard, American Express and MPESA.

Save your payment details: Pesapal Mobile gives you the option to save your payment details. This makes it easier when making subsequent payments as you don't have to keep keying in your details.

Schedule your payments: See that thing you do with your Netflix account where you set up your billing details and every month your subscription is automatically renewed? Well, you can do the same with Pesapal Mobile. You can schedule your payments to run monthly or weekly. One good thing about this feature is you also set the period you'd like to run this scheduled payments for e.g. a year or 6 months.

Smart transaction history: You can view your transaction history on the app and this way, you can account for every coin paid through the app. The activity tab on the app indicates the date, time, amount spent and the service that you were paying for.

The app is available on both Google Play store and Apple’s app store. Download it and get started today. Got questions regarding the app? Let's discuss in the comments section below.


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